TLC's Pit Masters Visit Alabama Riverfest

In the third enstallment of TLC's new reality series about comepetition BBQ, the crew ventures to Decater, Alabama home of Big Bob Gibson's and the Riverfest BBQ contest.  The constants are treated to a private dinner cooked by Big Bob Gibson's executive chef Chris Lilly, a world champion himself.  Here's what the Alabama Barbecue Association has to say about Riverfest:
    Riverfest features over 70 professional and civilian BBQ cooking teams from all over the United States competing for prize money and trophies totaling $20,000.00. The teams will be competing in such categories as beef brisket, pork ribs (loin/spare), chicken, pork (shoulder/butt), and best sauce. Along with the cooking competition, there will be food vendors, live music, children’s activities, and the Ducky Derby.
The show details just how the smallest roadblock can derail even the most seasond pit master.  It also introduces the viewer to some genuine characters, especially Myron Mixon of Jack's Old South BBQ team.  As Myron is quick to say, he's the best on the circuit.  He's also the most cesured person on television.  The man earns more bleeps than Richard Pryor and Gordon Ramsay combined.  But don't take my word for it:

BBQ Pitmasters airs Thursdays at 10 PM ET/9 CT on TLC.  Check your local listings.

For about Alabama White BBQ Sauce you can view my video HERE.

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