Going Coastal: Soft Shell Crab Tostados

Going Coastal is a series of recipes familiar throughout the country but with a uniquely Third Coast spin to them.

One of my favorite sandwiches is a fried soft shell crab Po Boy.  Come to think of it, I love soft shell crab just about any way you do it even sitting atop of crispy tostado with plenty of spice.  You can buy tostados that are pre-made AND pre-cooked.  I really like the ones made with Chipotle in the meal.
Soft Shell Crab Tostados
4 Soft shell crabs, dressed
1/2 cup cornmeal
1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning
4 tablespoons Cajun rice
8 ounces shredded Pepper Jack cheese
1 cup Salsa Verde
1 pinch salt
vegetable oil

In a 1-gallon zip top bag, pour the cornmeal and Cajun seasoning. Close the bag and shake to blend. One at a time gently shake each crab to coat. Be sure to shake off the excess cornmeal. Heat a skillet to medium high then add enough oil to sauté the crabs, roughly 1/2 an inch. Sauté the crabs until golden and set aside to drain. Assemble the tostados by spreading a tablespoon of Cajun rice, add a crab, and top with salsa and cheese. Serve immediately.

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