McGuire's Irish Pub, Pensacola, FL

No visit to Pensacola, Florida is complete without visiting two locally owned restaurants, Flounder's on Santa Rosa Sound and McGuire's Irish Pub on E. Gregory St.  As fate would have it both are owned by the same people. We'll visit Flounder's another time, for now we'll focus on the Irish pub with the oak and copper brewery.

McGuires Irish Pub is bursting with personality. From the iconic double decker bus that helps confused tourist find their way to the dollar bills hanging from the ceiling everything at McGuire's screams character.  Oh, and be careful when going to the restroom, that's all I'm going to say on the subject.  But schtick and charisma will only get you so far in the restaurant industry.  To make it since 1977 you have got to have the goods.

McGuire's features both remarkable food and a full blown brewery churning craft beers like Wild Irish Raspberry Wheat, Red Ale, Light Ale, Porter and Irish Stout.  Brewery tours with brewmasters Tom Anderson or Madison Roane are available upon request adn home brewers are even encouraged to take home a bit of McGuire's yeast.

The food is an adventure it and of itself.  Appetizers like Senate Bean Soup (only .18 with a meal) and Ruben Eggrolls set the tone for a meal just left of center.  They half an ocean of seafood, plenty of pasta, steaks, chops and 28 (count 'em 28) different burgers.  Check out patron the Garbage Burger that was featured on Outrageous Food hosted by Aaron McCargo Jr. below. McGuire's also has another pub down the road in Destin.

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