2011 Festival Tour - North Texas Beer Festival

Another one I'm not getting to visit but I thought I'd hit you with the 411 from Thrillist:

A first-annual chance for you to drink lots of suds

First times are always memorable -- Benjamin Braddock no doubt recalls the first time he had sex with Mrs. Robinson, and Dustin Hoffman no doubt recalls the first time he played his Rain Man character, then called "Benjamin Braddock". Raise your glass/can to a DFW first: the North Texas Beer Festival.

Coming May 13-15th to Plano Centre, the NTBF will showcase 150 beers from 30 different breweries like Franconia, Rahr, Jester King, Boulevard, Sam Adams, New Belgium, and Alec's favorite refreshment after building bridges for the Japanese, Guinness. The goings on:

  • Meet and Greet Brews Cruise: Sample a selection whilst cruising Lewisville with brewers and their reps
  • Sampling Sessions: Included in the admission price is a "sampling card" good for a dozen 2oz pours (more can be bought based on need...no, desire...no, it's need)
  • Live Music: Joey Love, Maylee Thomas, Elvis T. Busboy & the Blues Butchers, and Red Leather, who all take the stage in Red Grange's helmet
  • Homebrew School: Both basic (101) and intermediate (201) level classes!
  • Cooking Classes: TBD chefs from local eateries, teaching you to be less dependent on local eateries
    Harley Jump Start: Located in the outdoor biergarten, this contraption lets you "ride" a Harley while stationary, giving you the Lord without the Anarchy
  • Brewer’s Breakout: Speakers from the likes of Boulevard, Franconia, Rahr, and Sam Adams teaching history, traditions, food pairings, and "quality control"
  • Charity Golf Tourney: Proceeds’ll go to the only homeless shelter in Collin County, and as a participant, you’ll get free beer while playing, which'll totally lower your scor...ing odds with the cart girl
  • A ticket complete with a Brews Cruise pass is $119, but general admission will only run you $30 -- you don't need to be a card-counting math savant to know that's a good deal.

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