Miami Food Truck The Flying Saucer

From Thrillist:

Wings 'n things with an insane sauce selection

A little sauce can go a long way, unless Rip Torn is hanging out. Showing exactly what sauce is capable of: The Flying Saucer.

Rolling into town this Friday, Saucer’s a sneakily punny food truck painted with a cartoon spaceship holding the three owners, who used their cooking skills to feed masses of Dolphins tailgaters before traveling the world for two years in search of the best sauces...guess they never heard of a little thing called ketchup mixed with mayonnaise!! The crux of the menu’s the all-white-meat wings, fried up and coated with 25 unique sauces all handmade from scratch (“no powders!”) including Cajun, coconut curry, guavalicious, mango chili spice, pesto, mustard curry, pineapple sweet and sour, and French onion, also a satirical newspaper in which 65% of the jokes are still about France. They’ll also hook up anything on the rest of the menu with any of their sauces, like a cheesesteak w/ whiz, onions, peppers, and mushrooms, and Angus-pattied sliders including the Cowboy (chili, cheddar, onions, zesty BBQ sauce) and the Cubanito w/ chorizo, Swiss, guavalicious sauce, and potato stix, which’re the Devil Stix kids in Idaho use when they get bored of making "Idaho? You da ho!!" jokes. Which is never. So really, they don’t use them at all.

Because they’re just that awesome, Saucer’ll also let you dump their sauces on a Caesar or Greek salad or an array of fries, including regular, Cajun-seasoned, chili cheese, and the bacon/ cheese/ sour cream/ chives “Loaded Fries”, which Rip Torn is pretty sure stole his Crystal Palace, but who knows, it could've been that cheesesteak.

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