SXSW Hotspots: Franklin BBQ, Laua's, Monkey Nest & The Tavern

From Thrillist:

Meet Meat: Franklin BBQ
The lauded 'Q trailer has just gone brick 'n mortar, adding a third monstrous 12ft smoker and slinging their Meyer all-natural Angus out of an interior that actually harks back to the trailer days via their vintage Coke ice-chest (now used as a sauce & pickle table), a butcher-paper menu hanging on the wall, and, of course, a queue that wraps around the entire room. To whet your thirst there are forthcoming Live Oak taps like Hefeweizen and Big Bark, as well as Southern Star's Blonde Bombshell -- which unlike Darren Star's Blonde Bombshell, won't constantly whine about getting lapped up by impossibly handsome men...and is actually attractive.

Hawaiian Punch: Luau's
Spearheaded by an actual Hawaiian, this surfboard-countered trailer's making waves with the likes of the Loco Moco (grilled pineapple hamburger patty topped w/ fried egg and brown gravy on rice), the Big Kahuna Burger (grilled p'apple topped with fries, banana smoked pulled pork, queso), and Musubi: sticky rice wrapped in nori with either smoked Hawaiian pork, tofu, or Spam, which can apparently also clog up your outbox.

Shock The:Monkey Nest
Warmly hued with amber wood floors, this highly caffeinated venture slings organic brews from Texas Coffee Traders, house sandwiches like the chicken/ cranberry/ basil/ garlic Monkey Nest Special, and sugary viands from Russell’s Bakery, because now that he's free of football, he can finally realize his dream of JaMarzipan.

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Breakfast and Beer: The Tavern's Morning Menu
An Austin staple thriving under new management, the flatscreen haven's now serving breakfast featuring Tex-Mex must haves, omelets, unique eggs Benedict like the spinach/ mushrooms/ cheddar-Hollandaise Hipster, and specialties like the "The Big Nasty": a biscuit topped with fried chicken, gravy, cheddar, and the frustration of knowing it'd be the best sandwich in the world if it was only two inches bigger.

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