Meson 923 + Japanese Relief Dish + Benefit Red Cross

Ramen Special at Mesón 923

Japan’s Classic Soup to Help Japan’s Critical Need
The people of New Orleans know all too well the horrors of natural disaster.  At Mesón 923, chef Baruch Rabasa has sprung in to action to raise money for the people of Japan who are suffering the devastation of Nature’s latest blow.

Effective immediately, he is offering a Japanese Earthquake Relief Dish, Meson Ramen with Berkshire Pork, Crawfish, Poached Yard Egg, and Pickled Greens.  An appetizer portion is $16, an entrée is $30.  A special cocktail, the Lemongrass Sake Gimlet made with lemongrass infused Stoli, sake, and a touch of lime juice garnished with lemongrass and shaved lime zest, is being offered for $12.

All proceeds of the ramen and the cocktail will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Ramen, a savory dish of noodles and broth, originated in Tokyo and was likely derived from Chinese cuisine.  The instant variety was invented in 1958, and has popularized the noodle soup around the world.  There is a Ramen Museum in Yokohama; in some areas of Japan, the dish is even available in vending machines.

“The city of New Orleans was blessed with so much help from around the world five years ago in its hour of need,” notes Rabasa.  “Now it is our turn to reach out to others who have been so hard hit.”  Come in, enjoy a bowl of Rabasa’s exquisite ramen in solidarity with the people of Japan.  Your meal will help others to food, clothing, shelter, and medical aid.  Maybe even to a strengthening bowl of ramen.

Mesón 923
923 South Peters New Orleans, Louisiana  70130
Serving dinner Tuesday-Saturday
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