Dallas' Dragonfly Redux

From Thrillist:

Instilling a new attitude can mean bringing in an outsider, like when Helen Hunt came to Mel Gibson's ad agency to teach him about the opposite sex, even though they already said Mel's character was raised by Vegas showgirls -- clearly, what women want is not a movie that makes sense! Bringing in an ace to instill laid-back culinary attitude, Dragonfly.

Ditching ceiling-drape formality, Dragonfly's now going breezily funky with touches like a rain-shower of hanging Edison bulbs, neat rows of circular disturbing/alluring portraits of women, and a ferociously awesome boar skeleton; to overhaul the menu, they've brought in gourmet-comfort wizard Dan Landsberg from Fog City Diner and Tillman’s Roadhouse, also a great movie where Spencer Tillman tells Tim Brando "I used to **** guys like you in Norman". The mealing starts with Brisket Bacon Cheddar Sliders, Hoisin BBQ Baby Backs, and devil'd eggs w/ tobiko caviar or bacon; entrees cover a rotating "Comida" (the staff meal of the day), Maryland striped sea bass over mashed Yukons, and roasted pork tenderloin served on a bed of miso-poached pan-fried lo mein -- but not Lo Pan, as importing even a little from China can get you in big trouble. "Comfort Desserts" include the “After School Snack” (house Ho Ho, baked Twinkie, butterscotch pudding cup), the “Who Put Their Peanut Butter in MY Chocolate” (p-butter mousse stuffed in a chocolate bundt cake & covered in fudge sauce), and the exactly-what-it-sounds-like "Cereal Milk Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich" -- a Grrreat idea that would only turn Cuckoo if they used Kashi.

Booze has been upgraded thanks to one of only four machines in Dallas producing perfect spheres of less-melt-y ice, while holdover signatures run from Frank's Morning After (an Ardbeg-based Bloody) to S'mores After Dark, with various Godiva liqueurs, Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka, and a graham cracker-crust rim -- if that's what your woman wants, her showgirl career is probably doomed.

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