Brew Box Miami

From Thrillist:

People have been making beer for millenia, dating as far back as ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, which explains why Hammurabi’s Code was so focused on a specific and short-lived version of Budweiser: “a Dry for a Dry”. Now make some yourself, thanks to Brew Box Miami.

Just opened as a full storefront/ classroom in Falls Arts District after moving out of the owner’s construction company warehouse, BB's a beermaker’s Xanadu, offering everything from all the equipment you need to create and bottle your own suds at home, to classes covering exactly how you do it, one of which hopefully consists of Montell Jordan coming out, and simply saying “this”. On the equipment side, they’ll walk you through fermenting/bottling buckets with airlocks, six-gallon “carboys” for secondary fermentation, bottle cappers, and of course, top-quality ingredients like myriad varieties of malts, yeasts, and barleys, a dozen special grains to create everything from pilsners to stouts, and almost 30 varieties of hops, so Juwan Howard should probably stop by this place. As for those classes, they’ll range from extensive tastings of all manner of beers, to a beginner’s lesson on how to create suds from pre-made mash, to advanced knowledge on how to do the same while using all grain instead of the easier mash, also a spinoff in which Hot Lips plays every character.

When you're ready to make a batch, the staff’ll walk you through selecting the correct hops/ malts/ yeasts/ etc. based on your own beer-drinking preferences, all the while keeping in mind their goal of you making your own beer for less than a buck a bottle, which sounds way better than things were in Hammurabi’s day, despite the advent of the Hanging Hoegaardens.

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