Superbowl Snacking From Dallas' Top Chefs

Arlington gets its biggest event since Wet & Wild became Hurricane Harbor, and you're not going -- but that doesn't mean you can't feast like you're in a skybox, which is why we got top chefs from the Metroplex to hook you up with next-level snack recipes that don’t need anything weirder than rosemary, baby:

The Honey Shack's Grilled Lemon Pepper Wings with Spicy Ranch Sauce
Ozzy Samano, Honey Shack
With a little oil and lemon pepper seasoning, these tangy little flappers favor Sriracha's bite over Buffalo's kick -- so your party can call itself a winner, instead of spending two decades telling everyone it was the better team.  Shack up with the recipe right HERE.

Brownstone's Lambchop Lollipops
Casey Thompson, Brownstone
Get your gnaw on with these tender chops-on-a-stick, marinated in garlic and rosemary and made for dipping in mint jelly, and giving you something wonderful to suck on without having to babysit for Mark Chmura.
Finally, a snack as meaty as one of those flat-topped Packers from the '60s, recipe HERE.

Tillman's Spicy Fried Chicken Tacos
Brandon Hudson,Tillman's Roadhouse
Fueled by chipotle, this joining of forces between South of the Border and Deep South makes you wonder what could happen if KFC and Taco Bell shared more than just a roof. Volcano Popcorn Chicken Burrito, your time is nigh.  Colonel Emmanuel Sanders loves this stuff, so check out how to make it HERE.
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