Superbowl Snacking From Austin's Top Chefs

This year, the Cowboys managed not to bring a Super Bowl to Texas by means of just six wins but they do have a Jumbotron the size of Rhode Island. To celebrate, bring your gluttony up to Jerry Jones levels with these simple-yet-tasty recipes from some of Austin's top culinary & cocktail QBs. Enjoy:

Buffalo Billy's Boboli
Dan Parrot, Old School BBQ & Grill
The school-bus smoke-master's shared a no-holds-barred pizza-like-thing that includes shredded chicken, refried beans, cream cheese, pecans, and Frank's wing sauce, all spread over a Boboli pizza crust, whose "Get Creative Tonight" slogan clearly inspired the NFL's choice of halftime entertainment. "Let's get creative. Let's get creative IN HERE!"
It's not pizza, it's Boboli. Check the recipe HERE.

Beer Braised Cincinnati "Metts"
Ned Elliot, Foreign & Domestic
The farm-to-tablers at F&D suggest bringing your brats to the next level by simmering some high quality metts in mustard & caraway seeds, adding onions, then braising in brown ale and serving on hoagies, also with mustard -- though if Gary Hogeboom had had any mustard to spare, he wouldn't have been traded to Indianapolis.
Tom Landry called him "Hogenbloom". Either way, learn about da brats right HERE.

Final Say Punch
Garrett Mikell, Peche
This gently herbaceous concoction brings together full 750ml bottles of rye whiskey, Maraschino, and Green Chartreuse, plus some freshly squeezed lime juice and, if you're feeling decorative, a garnish of lime wheel or bing cherry, which, just like Mick Jagger's, was rumored to've been popped by David Bowie.  Drink the punch HERE.

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