Meanwhile, Back At Cafe Du Monde. . .

"Meanwhile, Back At Cafe Du Monde. . . " is a very unique concept in the genre of food oriented programming.  It's name comes from the famous French Quarter eatery Cafe Du Monde.  This program is very different as there are no recipes and no hosts feigning orgasmic reactions to a bite of food.  It is about the stories of those who've fed this nation for generations.

I was lucky enough to meet Peggy Sweeney-McDonald, one of the creators of Meanwhile, Back At Cafe Du Monde. . . last week while in Los Angeles.  Creator probably isn't the right title.  I like "wrangler of characters."  Meanwhile, Back At Cafe Du Monde. . . is a collection of characters who all share their love of food through oral tradition - story telling.

According to their web site the show is a, "unique, festive monologue event about the 2nd
universal language - FOOD and how our lives revolve around the satisfaction of it."  It continues, "These monologues include stories about food - relationships around food, experiences in our lives that revolve around food, including love affairs, break-ups, careers….the highs and lows of our lives."

In 2010 shows were done in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport before a string out in California.  Thankfully, they have plans of returning to New Orleans with more shows tentatively scheduled for February at Ralph and Kacoo's in the French Quarter. Check their web site for formal announcements for these new show times as well as a list of honored guests.

Now I want to leave you with a taste (pun intended) of Meanwhile, Back At Cafe Du Monde. . .

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