Chefs from the Third Coast Make Christmas Sweet

Life is Sweet
National Pastry Day, December 9, 2010
"You may feel that you have eaten too much...But this pastry is like feathers - it is like snow.
It is in fact good for you, a digestive!" M.F.K Fisher

Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery– Pastry Chef David Guas: Pecan Pie
“I’ve probably been eating pecan pie since I was in diapers.  Nut allergies?  Please.  Southerners are weaned from the bottle with pecan pie, celebrate marriage with pecan pie, and say goodbye to loved ones with pecan pie.  Like most Louisianans, I ate the bulk of my pecan pie at the kitchen table surrounded by relatives and friends, and Christmas always provides the perfect opportunity for pecan pie.”

The Inn at Dos Brisas– Chef Craig Shelton: Bûche de Noël
“Every single year since my birth my mother has baked a Bûche de Noël for Christmas Dinner.  It’s not Christmas until we dig right in and take that first bite!”

Mesón 923 – Chef Baruch Rabasa: See’s Candy Nuts and Chews
“For me, my favorite holiday dessert is not actually a dessert, but candy.  Every year my grandfather would send my sister and me a small box of See’s Candy Nuts and Chews for Christmas.  The tradition started thirty years ago when See’s Candy was just a small enterprise and special candy maker in California.  Now, it has become an American classic, but it is still very special to our family.  My mother carries on the tradition, and there has not been a single year when I did not receive a box of See’s Candy for Christmas.  Nothing but ‘Nuts and Chews!’”

PassionFish– Chef Chris Clime: Chocolate Heath Bar Cake
“My absolute favorite holiday dessert is this chocolate fudge cake Chef Jeff Tunks’ wife, Katherine, introduced our family to on our first Christmas with the restaurant group.  You start off with a thick chocolate fudge cake, poke holes in it with a straw, fill the holes with sweet condensed milk, and then cover the entire cake with smashed Heath Bar pieces.  It is awesome!”
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