Chef Jeff Tunks is Hooked on his Coastal Connections

Stocking Up on Gulf Coast Seafood

On December 1, 2010, chef Jeff Tunks of Passion Food Hospitality and over 270 other chefs and restaurateurs from across the country united to participate in "Dine America/Dine Louisiana" serving quality Gulf Seafood to friends, family, and guests. This communal activity demonstrates that the nation’s most professional food experts, whose livelihood depends upon quality of their ingredients and cuisine, recommend and support Gulf Seafood.
Leading the project here in Washington, D.C is Jeff Tunks, chairman of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans and chef-proprietor of the Passion Food Hospitality restaurants, including Acadiana, Washington’s Louisiana Fish House. Just five years ago, Acadiana engineered Po’ Boy Power, a whirlwind fundraising event that raised over $27,000 in two hours serving po-boys days after Hurricane Katrina devastated the coastline and city of New Orleans. Tunks and the Passion Food Hospitality team [DC Coast, TenPenh, Ceiba, Acadiana and PassionFish] have contributed to a number of fundraising efforts to rebuild the city, and are now squarely facing the new task of bringing back Louisiana’s once vibrant fishing community.
Even before the oil spill this summer, Tunks has always assessed the volume, price, and safety of his seafood daily through his reliable seafood sources and purveyors.  By participating in “Dine America” and continuing to make his diners his top priority, Tunks is encouraging the revival of Gulf seafood by providing certified, safe seafood every single day. Below are statistics that provide examples of his purchases for his restaurant group, on a monthly basis, of Gulf Coast seafood. The numbers are staggering!
Passion Food Hospitality’s Gulf Seafood Statistics for the Month of November:
* 1,450 pounds of Louisiana Gulf Shrimp
* 65 gallons of Gulf Coast Oysters, shucked
* 10,800 whole Gulf Coast Oysters 
* 600 pounds of Jumbo Lump Gulf Crabmeat
* 400 pounds of Gulf Crawfish Tail Meat
* 900 pounds of Gulf Red Snapper, whole
Tunks says, "I remain dedicated to Gulf seafood like I have for so many years, especially after the issues fade from the spotlight." His devotion to celebrating the bounty of our nation’s oceans, lakes, seas, and waterways is clear and unwavering.
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