President Willing to Sacrifice Gulf for Agenda

Though he didn't actually use these exact words this is what I heard tonight in President Obama's address from the White House, "I regret to inform the people of the Gulf Coast that I just don't care about you.  At all.  Not even a little.  You see I have an agenda that is morally bankrupt, scientifically unfounded and unpopular with most Americans and that is why I am having to sacrifice each and everyone of you in order to fulfill my personal goals."

The President actually addressed very few of the problems we here on the Third Coast have endured since this entire thing began two months ago.  Instead he spent most of the 20-odd minute prose reading by trying to convince the voters that his Cap and Trade (more accurately Crap and Tax) is not the jobs and economy killer that the experts have proven it to be.  The biggest slap in the face from the President's speech was the comment, "the one approach I will not accept is inaction."  Really?!?!  Really, Mr. President?  That's best you can come up with after 57 days of inaction?

Remember the timeline:
April 20th the Deepwater Horizon platform explodes, eleven people die.  Obama in LA to raise money for Barbara Boxer.
April 21st the President hosts dinner party for G-20 labor ministers.
April 22nd the President hosts Earth Day party and reception.
April 23rd takes a golf vacation to Asheville, NC.
April 24th plays golf again.
April 27th hosts the New York Yankee's baseball team.
April 28th visits Iowa for a slice of rhubarb pie.
April 29th Obama's first public comments about the Gulf.
April 30th the first member of the administration visits the Gulf Coast while the President attends a fund raiser.
May 1st the President takes a break from his stand-up routine at the White House Correspondent's Dinner to mention the oil spill.
May 2nd the President makes his first visit to the Gulf Coast stating, "from day one we have prepared and planned for the worst, even as we hoped for the best."  Adding, "I'm not going to rest . . . or be satisfied until the leak is stopped at the source."  The visit lasted only a few hours.
May 3rd the President hosts the Navy football team.
May 5th POTUS celebrates Cinco de Mayo with a party at the White House.
May 8th the President plays golf at Fort Belvoir.
May 11th the President plays golf with VP Biden.
May 12th Obama throws a dinner party for President Karzai.
May 13th the President flies to Buffalo, NY to sample the city's famous hot wings.
May 14th the President makes a statement about the oil spill in the Rose Garden, signs the Freedom of the Press Act then refuses to take questions from the press about the oil spill.
May 15th Obama slips away for a little golf.
May 16th he plays more golf at Fort Belvoir.
May 17th the President hosts the Connecticut women's basketball team.
May 19th host dinner for Mexican leader.
May 20th Obama gives the commencement speech at Hampton University.
May 21st Mr. Obama has a sit down with singer Bono.
May 22nd the President plays Golf at Anderw's AF Base.
May 23rd the President sits down to talk NBA playoffs with Marv Albert.
May 24 Obama hosts Asian American celebration.
May 25 Obama flies to San Fran to a party with Getty Oil family then raises money for Barbara Boxer.
May 26 Obama relaxes in CA.
May 27 Obama welcomes the Duke Blue Devils, US Soccer team, throws a party for Jewish Americans then the President takes questions from reporters for the first time in nearly a year.
May 28th the President makes a brief stop in Louisiana for a photo op before going to Chicago for a week's vacation in Chicago.
June 2nd Obama gives a speech on the economy at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University.
June 3rd. the President spends the day watching end-of-the-year activities at his daughter's school, that night he attends the Secretary of State's reception for Indian dignitaries.
June 4th Obama welcomes the Major League Soccer Champion "Real Salt Lake" to the White House before taking another brief trip to the Gulf Coast.
June 5th Obama makes a brief statement in the Rose Garden then takes another day of rest.
June 6th the President attends a concert honoring Paul McCartney.
June 7th the President ventures on Michigan to deliver the commencement address to the Kalamazoo Central High School Class of 2010.
June 8th  the President and First Lady host a picnic for members of Congress at the White House.
June 9th the President meets with President Abbas (Palestinian Authority and a member of the terrorist group Hamas).
June 10th the President meets with the family members of those killed on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig some 50 days after their deaths.
June 11th the President travels to Green Bay, WI to try to sell his already passed health care bill at a high school assembly.
June 13th the President plays golf.
June 14th the President leaves on a two day trip to the Gulf Coast.
June 15th Obama speaks to America briefly about the Gulf Coast before concentrating primarily on Cap and Trade.

This, Mr. President, is why the people of the Gulf Coast are upset with you, why your approval rating continues to plummet.  Fishermen have not worked in weeks.  Charter boats sit idle in dock.  Restaurants are slow, hotels are empty and the beaches are deserted.  Each state has a story of people who came up with a solid solution to save their wetlands but were handcuffed by the EPA over environmental concerns.  Like there is actually something out there with an impact harder on the environment than an oil spill.  Token trips for photo ops and empty promises cannot turn back the hands of time.  Your efforts, whether feigned or heartfelt, are too late.  The inaction you "will not accept" from others but are completely comfortable with for yourself has already doomed our region.  Thank you, sir, for nothing.
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