Third Coast Cuisine - The Cookbook, Update

Today is a big day for Third Coast Cuisine - The Cookbook. Sitting in the Post Office in Satsuma, AL is the very first proof copy of the book.  This has been a surprisingly quick process considering how long the indexing and editing took (three months).  Less than two weeks ago I sent the files to the publisher and now I have a printed copy to look over.

Sure it is likely that I will look at the pictures and they could be blurry or bland.  I might open the pages to see that the last word of each line is cut off.  To be honest there can be any number of unforeseen formatting errors that would mean another week to a month of work.  Then again, if I have done my work properly it will be perfect and if that is the case then the cookbook will be available for order THIS WEEK!

That alone makes it a really big week but I'm not done.  Tomorrow I am also calling the General Manager of a local FM talk radio station about the possibility of hosting a food call-in show.  Third Coast Cuisine - the radio show?  It was a lame-brained idea I had a few weeks ago.  But I thought, what the heck?  All it costs to find out is the .44¢ for a postage stamp so why not?  I got letter back saying, "I think your idea has merit.  Call me."
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