Is the Brick Pit the Best Que in the South?

In a state that is a veritable melting pot of BBQ styles there may be a joint that out shines the best in the nation.  The north end of the state has a style similar to Memphis while the east trends towards the high vinegar sauces of the Carolinas.  Of course there is also unique "Alabama White" sauce made famous by Big Bob Gibson.

Now in South Alabama most folks are drawn to the Kansas City style of barbecue imploring well smoked meats with a sweet/smokey tomato based sauce and there is one place that does better than the rest, The Brick Pit.

The "Pit" is just blocks from campus of the University of South Alabama and it looks like a BBQ joint should.  In a word, shabby.  Uneven floor, wobbly tables and the walls, corner posts and even the ceiling is cover with graffiti.  It is a custom to sign the walls whenever you visit.  The walls are also adorned with awards, national right ups and pictures of all the of football players and coaches that frequent the week of the Senior Bowl.

The Brick Pit is on virtually every "Top 100" lists out there and they have been profiled on national TV numerous times.  The menu is simple: pulled pork, brisket, chicken and Mobile's favorite ribs.  They are tender from smoking not from boiling, steaming or roasting.  Low and slow just like they're supposed to be.  The sides are the usual suspects - slaw, potato salad and baked beans.  Que is available dry or with a helping of the classic KC style sauce.  The Brick Pit may not be the best BBQ joint in the country but they are definitely on the short list.

The ceiling of the Brick Pit in Mobile, AL
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