Third Coast Happenings: Beulahfest

Pensacola's Escambia County Equestrian Center plays host to the Beulah Sausage Festival (aka Beulahfest).

From the Beulah Sausage Festival:
In January 1962 the Beulah Volunteer Fire Department was formed and a firehouse was built in 1963 on land donated by C.B. & Nettie Twilley. The firehouse burned down on June 23, 1977 and was rebuilt by members of the fire department and the community. Approximately 90% of the building materials were donated by businesses in the community and throughout Escambia County. This same building currently houses the brave men and women of today.

Sometime around 1985 the Volunteer Fire Department’s of Escambia County stopped knocking on residences doors asking for donations. Escambia County Commissioners opted to fund the departments from a MSBU tax. At this time the Beulah Volunteer Fire Department decided to take the monies left over from the door to door collections and have a community party in appreciation to all those that showed their support over the years. This gave birth to the Beulah Sausage Festival.

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The Beulah Sausage Festival is known as much for it's musical performances as it is for great food.  For example this (at the time) little known country singer Taylor Swift performing the Southern Rock standard Sweet Home Alabama:

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