Meson 923 Turns One

Top Celebs, Chefs, and Culinarians give Testimony to Chef Baruch Rabasa
In one of the most food obsessed cities in the world, New Orleans cuisine has high marks but often the strong cultural influences are over looked by sticking with tradition. One exciting new restaurant is celebrating its one year anniversary [Best New, Spring 2011 update for Fall Dining Guide, Restaurant Critic, Brett Anderson], Meson 923, which is known for specializing in Catalan cuisine – fusing regional produce with inspirational elements. Think Slow Roast Duck Breast with Corn Pudding and Guajillo Chili Reduction or Grilled Mahi Mahi with Cous Cous, Shrimp, Olives, Almonds, and Tomatoes in a Tunisian Broth.

Executive chef Baruch Rabasa has been a passionate influence and voice in Meson 923’s kitchen since its inception, but most evident since October 2010.  Just in case you didn’t notice, some notable chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, and musicians had a few words to say about chef Rabasa:

Sue Zemanick, Top Chef Masters Season 3 and contestant Executive Chef, Gautreau’s: “Baruch uses familiar dishes and presents them with best new flavor components and ingredients.”

Patrick Singley, Gautreau’s Restaurant Proprietor: “Baruch is refreshingly intelligent with his approach to historically relevant and inspirational cuisine.”

Robert Mercurio, Musician in the well-known band, Galactic: “Baruch’s keen sense of combining disparate ingredients and turning them into a completely original and delicious dish is a breath of fresh air in this town.”

Cedric Martin, Owner of Martin’s Wine Cellar: “Meson 923 is one of my new favorite restaurants in the city.  Chef Baruch's dishes are creative and light. The meals are consistently good, and the ingredients are always fresh.  The atmosphere is trendy yet comfortable, and the staff is polite and very well trained. I am always impressed by Meson 923.”

Jason Oliver Nixon, Delta Sky Magazine: “…set sail on an accessible, yet exotic culinary journey courtesy of the very talented chef Baruch Rabasa... definitely one to watch, I was bowled over by his masterful cooking.”

Tom Fitzmorris, New Orleans Food Critic and Editor of Menu Magazine: “The most impressive [opening] was Mesón 923, a Créole-New American restaurant in the Warehouse District…there’s no question it’s a much more substantial place than most new restaurants of the past five years.”

Ian McNulty, New Orleans Food Critic for Gambit: Described Mesón 923 as the most “ambitious” new restaurant to have opened in 2010.

Robert Peyton, New Orleans food critic: “…I can say that based on the meal I ate, things are going swimmingly.”

Paul A. Greenberg, Writer for Where Magazine and Contributor to “Chef Baruch Rabasa’s menu combines the local sensibilities of appropriate seasonings with interesting twists on items one expects from a New Orleans kitchen.”

Lisa Leblanc Berry, Food editor for Louisiana Homes & Lifestyles: “…Chef Baruch Rabasa’s amazing cross-cultural cuisine.”

Cat Wall Aschaffenburg, New Orleans Makeup Artist and Freelance Contributor: “Trust me, Mesón 923 is fairly new, but it’s going to be huge…Get in while you still can.”

Dominique Macquet, Executive Chef and Owner of Dominique’s on Magazine: “Latin flavor with New Orleans twist. South America meets south east. Interesting, catchy, unique cuisine.”

Meson 923- 923 South Peters Street - New Orleans -504.523.9200 -

Meson 923 is open for cocktails in the bar or balcony and dinner beginning at 5 pm, Wednesday through Saturday.
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