Mesón 923 Explores The Power of Paella

Meson 923 + Fete in a Pan + Paella for Two + Wine = $50

In the 19th century, in a village off the east coast of Spain, a Valencian mixed rice with poultry, seafood, and seasonings to create a paella, which is now regarded as one of the country’s most beloved and enduring identifying symbols.

Each culture has its own variation of this celebrated grain dish, and Louisiana showcases it in its flavorful Jambalayas.  It takes one chef in New Orleans, Baruch Rabasa of Mesón 923, whose cuisine is deeply influenced by his Spanish and American heritage, to bring together the component parts perfectly -- and at just the right time.

Baruch gets ready for Louisiana’s mouth-watering season of festivals by offering this traditional old family recipe, Mar y Tierra, portioned for two - Paella a dos!

Conjure in your mind a fête in a pan. Seasonal, succulent seafood from the Gulf, farm-raised chicken and pork, and clams blended together with Bomba rice, saffron, and peas.

Paella a Dos will be offered, beginning April 27, 2011, just in time for the jazziest of festivals that weekend.  Feast on a dinner for two at $50 per couple, paired with a glass of Spanish wine. [excludes tax and gratuity]

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