Birmingham's 3rd Annual BBQ For Building Helps Tornado Victims

When I originally put this post together it was simply because I thought it was a good event with a good cause.  After the devastating tornado outbreak across the South this week it takes on a great deal more importance.  Not only is the festival a great way for community to come together in the shadow of such tragedy but it's goal of raising money for Habitat for Humanity is literally a life or death endeavor.  Over 300 people have lost their lives across the Gulf South and many, many more are now without homes.  That is why Habitat for Humanity exists.  They provide homes for people who cannot afford them or have lost theirs to natural disasters.

Beware of charlatans like the Tree Hugger groups that always seize on such tragedies for the sole purpose of financial gain.  We could spend every dime owned by every person on the planet to "go green" and it will not stop Mother Nature from doing what she does.  While taking care of our environment is very important, Global Warming has been proven a scam.  The "scientists" who were the first to "discover" Global Warming have been caught faking the data and have even admitted to their deceit.  So please do not waste your money in this time of need to fill the coffers of Environmental Carpetbaggers but rather donate it to a cause that can actually make a difference like Habitat for Humanity: Birmingham.

Or just come out on April 30 to the 3rd Annual BBQ For Building, co-sponsored by Bright House Networks & HealthSouth. There will be great food and lots of fun for the kids, plus live music by Five O. Event is from 10:30 - 3:30 at the Habitat ReStore, 7952 Crestwood Boulevard, Irondale.  The event is in support of Habitat Birmingham.

Habitat Birmingham serves Jefferson, Walker and Shelby counties and is ranked as the fifth US affiliate (out of over 1,500) by Habitat for Humanity International. This ranking is based upon annual building capacity/families served. We receive more than 3,200 requests for housing assistance each year. In 2010, Habitat Birmingham completed 47 new houses with partner families. Since inception in 1987, Habitat Birmingham has built over 400 houses in the Birmingham area, performed critical repairs on almost 200 local homes, and sponsored 100 families internationally. We recently began purchasing and rehabilitating foreclosed properties in the local area, and match them with new families, helping stabilize communities.

The 2011 BBQ for Building will be held on Saturday April 30, 2011 starting at 10:30 AM.
10:30AM – Gate Are Open To Public and Live Music Begins!
12:00PM – Judging Begins
3:00PM – Winners Announced! Door Prizes Awarded!

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