Big Daddy's Burgers & Bar in Austin

From Thrillist:

Some folks are just compelled to take ideas to the extreme, like the German band Rammstein and their apocalyptic pyrotechnics, or people who get divorced. Taking the burger to its breaking point, Big Daddy's.

The beefchild of three longtime Nutty Brown Cafe dudes, Big Daddy's is a hardwood, flatscreened ode to the film that proved Adam Sandler could do drama Man v. Food-style palace dedicated to pushing America's favorite sandwich to its absolute limits, although they do draw the line at bun-to-bun. Meat ranges from Angus, to the beef/sausage Daddy's Patty, to Creole Shrimp, with whoppers including the Hangover (Daddy's Patty, pepperjack, fried egg, Bloody Mary ketchup, on a Krispy Kreme donut), the Chris Chronic (pickled jalapenos, pepperjack, ghost chili aioli, habanero relish, on a jalapeno-cheese bun), and the grilled pineapple/ crispy pork belly/ plum-ginger sauce Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii (for Craaaawfish, ask for the King Creole?). Further crimes against nature include fusions like the Enchilada (beef patty, two cheese enchiladas, shredded cheddar, chopped onions, sour cream), Marie's Hatch Chile (green chiles, onion and poblano rings, queso), and the Goodfellas: Daddy's patty, fried mozz, marinara, and pepperoni -- a combination that shouldn't be eaten in front of the wives, or the girlfriends.

Actually pushing you over the edge and into a ravine is Big Daddy's Monster Burger Challenge: a gigantic three-pounder served with a pound of French fries or onion rings, which you have 33 minutes to demolish in order to receive the meal for free -- though even if you finish, there's no guarantee the two of you won't get separated after a short marriage.

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