Miami's Vice

From Thrillist:

While hunted by the cops, outlaws are often revered by a fascinated public, from the drug-dealing exploits of Pablo Escobar, to the bank-robbing adventures of John Dillinger, who gave Johnny Depp his first role in decades where he didn’t seem like he’d been hanging out with Pablo. Now party at a club with one of Miami’s own outlaws: Vice, opening Friday.
A full-on nightclub right next to SET that’s also filling you with totally legit tapas, Vice’s two stories of pure party from a dude who used to sneak over the border to Amsterdam as a lad, went AWOL from the German military, and eventually got his start (kinda) in the biz after fleeing to Colombia and setting up a liquor stand in his seriously, go AWOL from the German military if you get the chance. Cruise through a foyer with blown-glass chandeliers and into a thin downstairs space with a 10ft-high mirror wall of bottles in what looks like a translucent armoire, retrofitted antique furniture, and a dancer-ready birdcage; then, move up ornate staircases to get at two upstairs bars, seating covered in croc, snake, and zebra skin, and all the club accoutrements: lasers, LED lights everywhere, mist-kicking hazers, and even confetti cannons, as opposed to a confetti canon, which just involves a few clown autobiographies. For drinks, they’ve got bottle service plus a handsome cocktail menu with tipples like the rye/ simple syrup/ blackberries/ bitters Vice Whiskey Smash and a Coconut Dark & Stormy, plus you can grab 'til-5am, luxed-out eats like applewood bacon cotton candy, Maine lobster mac & four cheese, and even Filet Mignon meatballs -- a luxury but not terribly funny sequel made when Bill Murray insisted on being called "William".
As for music, Thursday’s an open-format mashup, Friday’s St. Tropez-meets-Punte Del Este house, and Saturday’s theme’ll be constantly changing -- unlike Johnny Depp, now that he’s a cartoon that's literally bugging out.
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