Miami's Chef Aaron is Going Mobile

From Thrillist:
Aaron's Catering Express
A food truck full o' tricks

When a project goes well, it often becomes time to take the show on the road, though they should really try to avoid Viggo Mortensen and his kid, as that dude has kinda lost it. Keeping their eyes peeled for said wacko as they get on the move: Aaron’s Catering Express.
Trolling the Biscayne Corridor and Design District for now, ACE is the handsomely attired truck offshoot of Miami molecular gastronomy stalwart Aaron’s, outfitted with cute worker chicks in suspenders, tablecloth-/ candle-equipped tables set up outside, and a flatscreen built into the truck, on which they’ll be showing UFC fights/March Madness games and hosting Xbox competitions, also held between people who enjoy checking off Scantrons really quickly. The abbreviated but bringing-it menu offers stuff like short rib and polenta in a wine reduction, breaded truffle mac ‘n cheese bites, liquid nitrogen-birthed Dippin' Dots (in flavors like Oreo, Gummi Bear, raspberry, pineapple, and mango) and julienne-fry-sided “Ultimate Sliders”, or what it would've been if they killed everyone else off, and just had Jerry O’Connell play every single character. To-come fun includes molecular gastronomy-ness like “Flavor Capsules” made using calcium lactate and sodium alginate water, which’re topped with Pop Rocks “so they wake up your tastebuds”, custom cotton candy in basically any flavor you can think up, and dishes themed for NCAA Tournament teams, with Miami’s presumably being the ever-popular “Damn, This Couch Sure Is Comfortable Pot Pie”.
To help burn it all off, ACE will soon set up Wii and other “exercise-esque” video games for kids and adults alike, and they also plan to post up in parks like Bayfront to offer protein shakes and homemade energy bars, which sound significantly more delicious than whatever those cannibals are eating in the basement. Oh, limbs? Yes, definitely more delicious than limbs.
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