Campisi's Vets Tossing Dough In Dallas Suburb

From Thrillist:
Leaving Egypt can be quite painful -- the Jews didn't even have enough time to let their bread rise, or find someone with a scalpel and a willingness to make Charlton Heston actually Jewish. Bolting the Egyptian to bring you explosively good pizza: Atomic Pie, open for delivery right now.
Armed with a cozy dine-in cafe, Atomic's a hyper-casual delivery 'n takeout shop started by a trio of Campisi’s vets with literally decades upon decades of experience at the institution as famed for its alleged "connections" as for its 'za (in other words, they are huge on LinkedIn). Their pies won't stray from what works, with super-thin crusts, cheese with a tasty hint of smoke, full-of-flavor traditional sauces that are "not afraid of oregano", and perfectly balanced classic toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, chicken, pepperoncini, green & black olives, jalapenos, pineapple, anchovies, and both regular and uncured bacon (it's been 27 years, and Kevin's foot is still loose). They'll be serving spaghetti w/ meat sauce, lasagna, and a chicken parm w/ fettucini alfredo, but after that, things turn away from the Ital, with "White Castle style" sliders, traditional & Asian wings, braised beef w/ herb noodles, and a Flat Iron steak -- if you don't like your Iron flat, you can have Arnold, Franco Columbu, and Serge Nubret come pump it up for you, or just go with the sliders.
While delivery's up-and-running, Atomic will open their doors for carry-out and while-you-wait orders next week; as for alcohol, the plan's to go BYOB -- so you won't need much bread to go on a real Yul Brenner Bender.
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