Miami's OYE Cuban Grill

From Thrillist:
America loves going as big as possible, though considering that she's already Ugly, she should really eat more carefully. Giving you American-upped portions of classic Cuban food: OYE Cuban Grill.
From a guy who damn near opened a Cuban spot in his adopted home of DC before realizing he should see how it’d fare in Miami first, OYE’s a comfy counter-order-then-sit-down joint with a terrazzo floor, wood-plank walls, and a black-chaired lounge-ish room with books depicting life in Cuba, all dedicated to serving upsized plates of sometimes-tweaked Cuban favorites like empanadas, tostones, and really, really old Plymouths more. A sandwich-heavy section comprises “Vintage Cuban” jobs (e.g., an Angus/chorizo burger w/ fried onion strings), “Specialty” numbers like the grilled churrasco/ sauteed onions/ mozzarella OYE Wrap w/ mojo dipping sauce, plus an option where you choose bread (sweet Cuban, baguette, wraps like spinach & herb), meats (ropa vieja, Mahi-Mahi), toppings like sweet plantains and cheeses, and sauces including mango/papaya salsa and creamy mustard, aka, what the Colonel nicknamed himself when he got super-deep into 36 Chambers. You can also step it up to non-traditional spinach & artichoke empandas, ceviche-stuffed tostones, homemade fish croquetas, or full platters like Bistec Empanizado: breaded & sauteed top round w/ marinara, melted cheese, and bolo ham, also what they called Jon in the original script of Mad Men, in which everyone was from New Mexico, and looked stupid.
Drinks include a wide range of fresh juices and all manner of Cuban coffees, red/white wine (including his uncle’s label from Cali), plus sangria, while up on a chalkboard over the counter, they’ll be posting a menu of microbrews including Magic Hat No. 9 and Monk in the Trunk amber ale, along with recommended pairings...should you try them? You Betty your ass!
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