A Spanish Rose in N'Awlins

In a city brimming with French influences – from culture to food, and from street names to architecture, there is a new restaurant in New Orleans that is taking cues from a different European country. In the heart of New Orleans’ revived warehouse district, Mesón 923, a bastion of industrial chic infused with exposed brick, dark wood and bronze leather, is drawing from the city’s Spanish influences to cultivate a contemporary interpretation of New Orleans dining while not entirely forsaking the French culinary nuances – resulting in a sophisticated cuisine that is decidedly a blend of both the Old and New Worlds.  

Executive chef Baruch Rabasa incorporates hints from his own Catalan ancestry into southern mainstays to create the innovative menu which includes dishes such as Pork Belly with Sesame, Tomatillo, Orange, Cumin and Manila Clams; Grilled Quail with Papaya Chow-Chow; and Slow-Roasted Duck Breast with Root Vegetables, Vidalia Onion Soubis, Cocoa Nib Spaetzle and Satsuma Sage Jus. But it’s the selection of crudos – from Yellowfin Tuna with Siracha-lime Scorched Mango, Cucumber and Ponzu to Diver Scallops with Truffle, Soy, Cauliflower and Shallots –that completes Rabasa’s love affair with flavors from the Mediterranean.

Well cultivated palates everywhere are just beginning their romance with Mesón 923.  From national outlets, including The Wall Street Journal which said, “this new upscale restaurant is already a local fave for its distinct Spanish and Gulf Coast influenced cuisine,” to local publications like Gambit Weekly, which touted Mesón 923 as “an exceptional new restaurant… It’s already clear Mesón 923 is serious about new cuisine,” and The Times-Picayune who named it among the Best New Restaurants in its Fall Dining Guide, Mesón 923 is proving itself a worthy addition to a city where days often revolve around dining.  

Mesón 923 redefines culinary elegance, foregoing white table cloths in favor of sleek teak and wood tables, and dismissing preconceptions – celebrating pure and minimal ingredients presented in unpredictable, yet refined preparations.

Mesón 923 - 923 South Peters, New Orleans - www.meson923.com – 504.523.9200
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