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Madrid, Spain - Award winning food writer and chef Stuart Reb Donald has once again opened his culinary bag of tricks for his latest cookbook Third Coast Cuisine: Recipes from the Gulf of Mexico and the critics have taken notice.

Third Coast Cuisine is one of just four American cookbooks nominated for the charity category in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.  Donald's latest cookbook will face off with books from over 20 different countries.  On the whole some 144 countries will participate in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards held March 3-6, 2011 where there will be a major exhibition of the nominated works at the Festival du Livre de Cuisine (aka Paris Cookbook Fair).

According to the author, “The Third Coast is an area of amazing diversity. From the Yucatan to the Keys you can find any number of indigenous and immigrant cooking styles like Mexican, Cajun, Native American and even Soul Food.” The Third Coast is a popular nickname for the states along the Gulf of Mexico as well as parts of Mexico and Cuba.

"This honor is humbling.  When I first started work on "Third Coast" it was a project of passion, something to celebrate the unique food and culture found on America's Gulf Coast.  Then the Deepwater Horizon tragedy came along I began to think that my little cookbook had just turned into a history text, a requiem.  The lifestyle that inspired my book is still in jeopardy."  Donald’s book contains 150 recipes, 11 essays and 70 color photos of the diverse foods to be found along the Gulf of Mexico.  He is donating a portion of the profits to the Gulf Restoration Network.

About Stuart Reb Donald
A 24 year veteran of the restaurant industry, Stuart Reb Donald has worked every position from dish washer up to chef.  In 2003 he combined his love of food and gift for writing to produce his first cookbook Amigeauxs – Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine (4 Star Publishing). He has written hundreds of articles including interviews of noted chefs like Bobby Flay, Ted Allen, Michael Symon, Tory McPhail and Susan Irby.  He has been a regular guest on TV shows along the Gulf Coast and often uses his culinary skills for good by helping to raise money for organizations like the American Cancer Society and the Bay Area Food Bank.

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