Third Coast Oil Spill Update

As many people know, I have pledged to donate part of the profits from my new cookbook, Third Coast Cuisine: Recipes of the Gulf of Mexico to help with Gulf Restoration.  I am proud to announce that I have just made the first of what I hope to be many donations to the Gulf Restoration Network.  I chose GRN because they are one of the few environmental groups that are putting the onus equally on BP for their mistake and the Obama Administration for their mismanagement of this sad event.  Here is the DL on what they do:

Gulf Restoration Network is a 16 year old environmental advocacy non-profit that works to unite and empower people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf of Mexico region for future generations. GRN plays a pivotal role in coordinating strategic collaborations across the Gulf, providing our members with technical assistance, and running effective campaigns to successfully address environmental threats in Gulf communities. Learn more at

As the only non-profit exclusively focused on the health of the Gulf of Mexico, GRN has mobilized all available resources to monitor and respond to BP's oil drilling disaster. GRN is conducting independent monitoring, calling on BP and the federal government to clean up the oil disaster and make coastal communities whole again. GRN is also working towards policy changes and effective regulatory oversight to prevent future oil disasters. Learn more at

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