Besh's Domenica Gets Rave Review food writer Anne Berry recently offered the following review of John Besh's Domenica (in the renovated historic Roosevelt Hotel).  Here's a taste of that review:

Proving that simple is often best, the summer pizza at Domenica is topped with chunky zucchini, yellow squash, and a slather of San Rossano tomatoes and burrata cheese. The tomato sauce is both local and authentic - the tomato seeds came from Italy and were planted and harvested for Chef Besh on a hundred-acre farm north of Covington, La.

With its gooey, runny qualities, burrata is a better fit than mozzarella for the grilled squash, and helps make for a sweet and juicy crust.

It's a pretty, sunny pie, perfect with the summer salads also blooming on Domenica's menu. I especially liked the fleshy, tri-melon salad with soft prosciutto strips and balsamic vinegar; you might also try the salad of slivered cucumbers tossed with mint, arugula, olive oil and a bite of white pepper. A few more crumbles of quartirolo cheese would make this an even more substantial starter.
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