Three Shrimp-Processing Firms Acussed of Passing Imports

Federal investigators are looking into three shrimp-processing firms (two in Louisiana and one in Mississippi) that have allegedly been purchasing cheap, chemical-laden shrimp from foreign countries and selling them as the premium wild-caught shrimp only found in US waters.  If I were to find out that the US wild-caught shrimp that I painstakingly look for and gladly pay a higher price for was actually the vile chloramphenicol-saturated junk from Latin American farms I would not be satisfied with the Feds slapping them on the wrist with just a fine.  I would swear out a warrant for attempted murder on the owners of each company.  After all, foreign farm-raised shrimp are toxic so when these losers took a short cut in the name of profit they jeopardized the lives of everyone who purchased them.

This isn't simply an offense of poor judgment, it was a physical attack on everyone who purchased the poisonous shrimp.  It was at the very least felony assault and could (and should) be considered a terrorist attack.  Until the indictments come down, the Feds are being tight-lipped about the companies' names but the instant they release them I support massive protests and a plethora of law suits.  And if I had a child diagnosed with aplastic anemia after they ate some of these tainted crustaceans there aren't enough troopers in the state of Louisiana to stop me from opening a can of Alabama whoop-ass on the CEO's of these three companies.  Not that I condone violence.  Just sayin'. . .

As soon as the Feds release the names of these criminals rest assured I will list them here along with information that will help you assail them with angry letters.  Here's more info:

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