Update: Third Coast Cuisine Cookbook

Well, just yesterday I finished editing the cookbook.  That's it for the boring stuff.  Next on my agenda: food porn.  What's Food Porn you may ask?

According to Wikipedia: Food porn is a provocative term variously applied to a spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, cooking shows or other visual media, foods boasting a high fat and calorie content, exotic dishes that arouse a desire to eat or the glorification of food as a substitute for sex.

In other words I have to take pictures of some of the recipes.  Most people are just not interested in cookbooks without pictures.  I found that out with my last cookbook.  I still plan on releasing a revised edition of Amigeauxs that includes pictures.  Like these from the new book:

See how much more interesting this post just got?  Food Porn.  Above is Blackened Swordfish with Cajun Rice and Crème Fraiche Tarter Sauce.  Below is Southern Fried Chicken with Rice & Gravy, Biscuit and Steamed Veggies.

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