The Slidell BBQ Challenge

When people think of the state of Louisiana the first think of is food.  Crawfish, muffelatas and gumbo is where most palates gravitate when folks ponder the Pelican State but any place that puts as much passion into food as they do will have something for everyone.  BBQ is no exception. Wedged in between Texas and its legendary Que and the barbecue rich states of Mississippi and Alabama it is no wonder that Louisiana is earning a pedigree in smoked meats as well.

In fact the city of Slidell has earned a coveted stop on the Kansas City Barbecue Society's competition trail, The Slidell BBQ Challenge.  The KCBS is the largest BBQ society in the world with over 300 sanctioned events and 11,000 members worldwide. The fund-raising event is sponsored by the Slidell Noon Lions Club, Rotary Club of Slidell, and WYES Public Television and provides help for several local projects.

The contest is open to one of three divisions.  The Professional Cooks Division is for the heavy hitters; the teams you see on TV shows like Food Network Challenge and TLC's BBQ Pitmasters.  There are five winning categories - Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork (shoulder or Boston Butt), Beef Brisket and Grand Champion.  Next is the Backyard Division with prizes for ametuers in three categories: chicken, pork ribs, and people’s choice.  Finally they have a division for the youngins with separate contests for ages 5 - 11 and ages 12 - 16.
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