The Shed Comes To Alabama

"We do beer, we do blues and we do BBQ."

Owner Brad Orrison built the original 350 square foot Shed because he realized that his home town of Ocean Springs, Mississippi was missing a classic BBQ joint. Over the course of the next year he had to build 16 additions to handle the business. Now they're at a comfortable 5000 square feet and on any given Friday night you'll find upwards of 750 people enjoying the sweet Que, ballsy blues and cold suds. So what's next?

The big city - Mobile, AL. Well, it's the big city if you're from Ocean Springs. Darrin Jasgur and wife Jennifer are heading up the new Shed which will be located across the street from the University of South Alabama on Old Shell Rd. Old Shell is home to two of the cities favorite BBQ joints, Dreamland and the current Que King of Mobile, the Brick Pit. So is there room for another? Absolutely!Check out my review HERE.

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