Dallas Fire Claims Historic Restaurant Property

Sad news on Texas Independence Day

Dallas Fire-Rescue Trying to Save Terilli's Facade. And, a Facebook Page to Help.
By Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer with photo by Jim Schutze.

I just spoke with council member Angela Hunt about the four-alarm fire in her district this morning. She spent the last hour where Terilli's, Greenville Bar & Grill, Mick's and Hurricane Grill stood till 5:30 a.m., and visited with Dallas Fire-Rescue officials and the restaurants' owners, and she reports back that Battalion 3 Chief Stuart Grant and his men are indeed attempting to "save the corner facades of the building -- Hurricane Bar and Terilli's." The back of the building, however, is lost.

"It's a horrible loss for Greenville and our neighborhoods, and my heart goes out to the business owners and employees who've lost their livelihood as a result of the fire," Hunt tells Unfair Park. "That property is such a part of Lower Greenville history. The can't save the backs of the building -- they're gone -- but they'll be doing demolition starting as soon as they're sure they've got everything. Of course, they have to make sure it's structurally sensible to save the facades, but that's what the chief indicated he wanted to do."

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