Getaway: New Orleans

The following is by Bill Addison of Atlanta Magazine.
Thanks to Chef John Besh for bringing it to our attention:

Mardi Gras is February 16, but whether you set off with your wig and mask or opt to visit during a calmer weekend, revived spirits are palpable in New Orleans. Debauchery remains on the menu, of course, but the city lures with some serious-minded attractions, the National World War II Museum chief among them. And speaking of menu, the reenergized dining scene inspires new heights of gluttony.

If we had one day of ultimate feasting, it might begin with chicken and waffles or grits and grillades (a veal stew of sorts) for breakfast at brasserie Lüke, owned by star toque John Besh. Part one of lunch would be fried oysters and the gumbo of the day at Herbsaint, the flagship restaurant of soulful chef Donald Link. Hopefully we’d have room afterward for a dripping roast beef and gravy po’boy at Mahony's, an acclaimed new sandwich shop. Before dinner, we’d swing by cool spot Cochon Butcher for a glass of rosé and a plate of charcuterie made on the premises. And we’d conclude at the city’s most refined dining destination, Stella! Chef Scott Boswell loves globally sourced luxury ingredients, but his food still tastes quintessentially New Orleans.

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