Third Coast Cuisine: The Cookbook

As many of you may or may not know, Third Coast Cuisine is not just a food blog.  It is also a cookbook.  Or more exactly it WILL be a cookbook.  I started work on it about five years ago when I realized there was no one work that touched on all of the styles of food that have evolved on the Gulf Coast.  Everyday tastes that can regularly be enjoyed in the Gulf South include Mexican, Tex-Mex, Southern, Neuvo Southern, Cajun, Creole, Coastal, Soul, New Florida (Floribbean), Native American, and Cuban.  I have lived most of my life on the Gulf Coast and I have made a point to experiment with each of these cooking styles.  157 recipes later and the book is all but done.  The search is on for a publisher but I am also formatting the book for self-publishing like I did with my first cookbook, Amigeauxs: Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine.

The table of contents is finished and I am currently indexing the recipes (my absolute least favorite part of writing a cookbook).  I have some pictures, but I need to make more.  I also need to read it cover-to-cover again.  Every time I do I find new typos that I swear weren't there last time.  I swear there's a gremlin living in my laptop.  From time to time I will hop on here to give you updates.  I hope to have a sample of the cover art for my next update.
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