Dick Russell's BBQ, a Legendary Alabama Haunt

At the main Interstate exit of the Mobile neighborhood of Tillman's Corner you will find one of those nondescript chain BBQ places.  You know the type - bland food, prefabricated decor and little in the way of originality.  A few blocks over you will find Dick Russell's BBQ, an Alabama Legend.  Dick Russell's does as much business on a typical Friday as that chain joint does in a week.  Why you may ask?  Because Mobileans know good BBQ when they taste it.

Mobile isn't on the same level as Memphis or Kansas City, but it's getting there.  Dick Russell's has been at the forefront of the Mobile Que scene for decades.  It is the very embodiment of the Mobile style, well smoked with a sweet but not too sweet sauce.

But there is a lot more to Dick Russell's than just world class barbecue.  It is also the most popular place in Mobile County for breakfast.  And why not with eggs any way you want them, omelets, hot cakes and waffles all made to order.  The show stealer, however, is the biscuits and sausage gravy.  Just $2.95 will get you an egg, two biscuits and grits or hasbrowns.  There are plenty of breakfast combos for under $2 that will have you so stuffed you'll need to go back to bed.

The seafood is also killer.  In a town with seafood that stacks up against any city in the country, Dick Russell's does it better than most.  The steaks and burgers are epic as well.  But the BBQ is why most people come and it is why I stopped by recently.

I got a sampler plate with baby backs, brisket and pulled pork.  It came with two of those legendary biscuits and bake beans and slaw.  I do not care for slaw so my server was nice enough to let me substitute for some fried dill pickles at no extra charge.  If you have never had fried dill pickles, you just haven't lived.  I have been eating at this place for over 20 years and every time the food is first rate, the service is genuinely welcoming.  This visit was much the same as dozens I have made before, down right good.
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