Austin Gingerbread House Workshops

Gingerbread Houses are one of the iconic symbols of the holiday season.  Their origin is a bit muddled but they were common throughout Europe as far back as the 11th Century.  The great bard himself, William Shakespear once wrote, "And I had but one penny in the world. Thou should'st have it to buy gingerbread."

The city of Austin, Texas is enjoying a month long Gingerbread House Workshop sponsored by  The workshops are being held at the Austin Children's Museum (201 Colorado St.) and the cost is $30/$35 Member/Non-member per gingerbread house (3 people per house; includes Museum admission) or $25 for a take-home kit (everything you need to build a house except the sugar and water icing), available in the Museum Store.

2009 Gingerbread House Workshop Schedule

Workshop duration: 1 hour

Teetertots = For children ages 5 and under. Teetertots workshop participants have the option of ordering a pre-built gingerbread house. Little ones can spend all their time decorating their house with candy!

Date Time Notes

Friday, December 4 10am - Teetertots

Friday, December 4 3:30pm

Saturday, December 5 10am - Teetertots FULL

Saturday, December 5 12:30pm

Saturday, December 5 3:30pm

Sunday, December 6 12:30pm

Sunday, December 6 3:30pm

Thursday, December 10 10am - Teetertots

Thursday, December 10 3:30pm

Friday, December 11 10am - Teetertots

Friday, December 11 12:30pm

Friday, December 11 3:30pm

Saturday, December 12 10am - Teetertots

Saturday, December 12 12:30pm

Saturday, December 12 3:30pm

Sunday, December 13 12:30pm

Sunday, December 13 3:30pm

Thursday, December 17 10am - Teetertots

Thursday, December 17 3:30pm

Friday, December 18 10am - Teetertots FULL

Friday, December 18 12:30pm

Friday, December 18 3:30pm

Saturday, December 19 10am - Teetertots

Saturday, December 19 12:30pm FULL

Saturday, December 19 3:30pm

Sunday, December 20 12:30pm

Sunday, December 20 3:30pm
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