Pensacola's Oldest Family-owned Restaurant Closing

Skopelos on the Bay has been a mainstay of the Pensacola dining scene for over half a century. But that legacy comes to an end on August 29th as the venerable eatery calls it quits. So if you've always wanted to sit at legendary table #52 with its breath taking view of the bay then too bad. With reservations for the most popular table in the Pensacola area booked months in advance it is unlikely you'll ever get the chance.

I know what you're thinking, "If reservations are booked months in advance why are they closing?" Alas, this is not another casualty of the economy but rather it is the result of what WEAR TV calls a "family legal battle." Chef Owner Gus Silivos' ownership of the land is being contested by his sisters.

Since moving to its current location on Scenic Highway in 1987, Skopelos on the Bay has been the place for weddings, anniversaries and any other celebration you can dream up. It has played host to Presidents and peasants alike. Chef Gus vows to build a new Skopelos that will carry on the family's 50 year tradition of offering the best fine dining in Pensacola. Until then Silivos and wife Nancy should be okay as they also own the Scenic 90 Diner and a gourmet catering business.

To view the WEAR story click HERE.
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