Orleans Poboys vs. Orleans Café

Orleans Poboys on Airport at University (Alabama) has been producing some of Mobile’s best sandwiches, especially Poboys, for over ten years with a dedication to quality and flavor in a casual neighborhood haunt setting.

Orleans Café is the Johnny-come-lately on Schillenger’s Road with the similar name, duplicate logo colors and near identical menu. Unfortunately, all similarities ended there.

Why so much disparity between two satellites of presumably the same franchise? Well, because there were no connections between the two eateries. Different owners, different recipes and most notably different quality.

How bad was the food at Orleans Café? So bad that it was hurting the business at Orleans Poboys, a completely unrelated company. That is why Orleans Poboys has purchased Orleans Café thus saving two businesses at one time.

Recently, sous chef Jay and I dined at the newly rehabilitated Orleans Café and are happy to report, “Wowzers!”

What a difference a little attention to quality of ingredients can make. The Poboys were great. The rémoulade was amazing but the hot wings were the show stealer. Jay and I surmised that the wings were dunked into the wing sauce before frying. The result was a buttery rust-colored skin packed with flavor but oddly enough no heat. The heat came on the side in the form of traditional Buffalo wing sauce. The app was also served with blue cheese and ranch dressing and the aforementioned rémoulade. We’ll be back.

Photo courtesy of Food Network.

Originally published at the Azalea City Food Blog on May 31, 2009.
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