Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Third Coast

The week of July 27th through August 2 three different Third Coast eateries will be featured on Food Network's wildly popular show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

First up on Monday is Havana Hideout in Lake Worth, Florida. The Hideout is the epitome of Third Coast Cuisine with uniquely South Florida twists on Tex-Mex classics like Grilled Achiote Rubbed Fish with pineapple salsa & chipotle coleslaw. Then there's Pionono - seasoned ground beef, spices layered between sautéed plantains. . . think tropical Sheppard's pie. End you visit in style with Chocolate Chili Pepper Ice Cream. Here's a vid:

On Friday DDD will profile a joint in Kendall Lakes, FL that is equally as famous for their stir fry as they are for their jerk spices. To many Jamaica Kitchen is the best Chinese restaurant in the Miami area but others argue that it is hands down the best Jamaican food. Choose for yourself:

The final entry is Watauga, TX's Chef Point Café, the DFW Metroplex gas station with the gourmet food. Their slogan is, "White cloth dining without the white cloth." The menu runs the gamut from haute to comfort with escargot, cheese fries, fish tacos, BBQ chicken pizza, chicken piccatta, and even a blackened 10 oz ribeye steak. Check it out:

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