Dinner Conversations
39 Interviews with America's Favorite Culinary Movers and Shakers

Dinner Conversations: 39 Interviews with America's Favorite Culinary Movers and ShakersStuart Reb Donald has built a reputation for doing some of the most poignant interviews of America's favorite chefs and food writers. Whenever a network is rolling out a new cooking show they make sure to call Stuart to interview the stars.

In addition to interviews published by several different publications the anthology also includes interviews from Stuart's blog Wannabe TV Chef including the popular series 7 Questions, WTVC Exclusive and Inside Look. Just a few of the chefs profiled include Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, Tory McPhail, Graham Kerr, Alton Brown, Amanda Cohen and Alex Guarnaschelli.

The author is also offering this Kindle Single for a special introductory price of just $2.99.

No Sides Need: 34 Recipes to Simplify Life

61y%2BhhbrRHL. SL500 AA272 PIkin3,BottomRight,28,32 AA300 SH20 OU02  CookbooksStuart Reb Donald is at it again and this time he’s gone digital for his first cookbook solely for Kindle No Sides Need: 34 Recipes to Simplify Life.  The author is also offering the e-book for a special introductory price of just $1.49.

Donald, long established as one of the most passionate food writers in the blogosphere, offers busy families a chance to eat good without too much fuss.  According to the author, “I have never understood the mindset that every meal should have multiple courses.  Certain types of food like sandwiches and casseroles are meant to contain the entire meal in one vessel.  This book is a return to that modesty.”  No Sides Needed is the first e-cookbook for Donald who has penned two standard cookbooks including the Gourmand World Cookbook Award nominated Third Coast Cuisine: Recipes of the Gulf of Mexico.

Third Coast Cuisine: Recipes from the Gulf of Mexico

Celebrity Chef Stuart Reb Donald Pledges A Portion Of The Proceeds Of His Latest Cookbook To Aid Clean-up of the Gulf Oil Spill. 

Mobile, AL – Award winning food writer and chef Stuart Reb Donald has once again opened his culinary bag of tricks for his latest cookbook Third Coast Cuisine: Recipes from the Gulf of Mexico.

Donald, long established as one of the most passionate food writers in the blogosphere, offers a over 150 recipes, 11 essays and 70 color photos of the diverse foods to be found along the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the author, “The Third Coast is an area of amazing diversity. From the Yucatan to the Keys you can find any number of indigenous and immigrant cooking styles like Mexican, Cajun, Native American and even Soul Food.” The Third Coast is a popular nickname for the states along the Gulf of Mexico as well as parts of Mexico and Cuba. “The people that live here are amazingly resilient and that resiliency has been on display for most of this century. Ivan, Rita, Katrina and dozens of other storms plus the oil spill have taken their best shots at us but we keep bouncing back. The Deep South has a culinary tradition unmatched in the New World. Dixie is to America what Tuscany is to Italy, what Provence is to France, it is the nation’s gastronomic heart and soul.”

Chef Donald will be donating a percentage of the sales of Third Coast Cuisine to the Gulf Restoration Network to assist in the recovery from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

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About Stuart Reb Donald
A 24 year veteran of the restaurant industry, Stuart Reb Donald has worked every position from dish washer up to chef. Most recently he was the Executive Chef at Mars Hill Café in Mobile, AL. In 2003 he combined his love of food and gift for writing to produce his first cookbook Amigeauxs – Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine (4 Star Publishing). He has written hundreds of articles for both print and electronic media including interviews of noted chefs like Bobby Flay, Ted Allen, Michael Symon, Tory McPhail and Susan Irby. He is the author of and – the companion site to the cookbook. Stuart has been a regular guest on TV shows along the Gulf Coast and often uses his culinary skills for good by helping to raise money for organizations like the American Cancer Society and the Bay Area Food Bank.

NOTICE: Third Coast Cuisine has been nominated for a 2010 Gourmand World Cookbook Award.  To learn more click HERE.



Remember those old word problems we all hated in school – a train leaving New York and a train leaving Denver – that kind of thing? Here’s one – what happens when a train leaving Juárez and a train leaving Baton Rouge meet for lunch in Houston? Amigeauxs: Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine – that’s what.

Why Mexican/Creole Fusion? We don’t know. Who first looked at a crab and thought “I wonder what that tastes like?” At least both Mexican and Creole have their roots in Latin language countries, uh we think. Actually, both are a natural fit because of their common spiciness. Peppers are a main ingredient in both cuisines as are onions, garlic, beans and rice.

Alabama chef and freelance writer Stuart Reb Donald’s first cookbook, Amigeauxs – Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine is the first cookbook to explore exciting new cuisine.

“The combination of Mexican and Creole food is natural, almost predestined,” stated the author, “and I really cannot believe it has taken this along to evolve. Both cuisines and the cultures that fashioned them are passionate and fiery. They are sincere examples of our melting pot society.”

The recipes in Donald’s effort stem from his friendship with a Nashville musician whose ancestry is from Mexico. While each was teaching the other about the foods of their respective regions the author began to notice similarities that could be used to bridge the gap while at the same time create a whole new cuisine.

In Amigeauxs, Donald first demonstrates classic recipes from each style and then combines and tweaks those flavors for his own fusion recipes. The final section of the book is a demonstration of other forms of fusion cooking including Asian/Mexican and Italian/Creole recipes. There are a number of informative essays that accompany the recipes. Copies of Amigeauxs – Mexican/Creole Fusion Cuisine are available from the website at HERE.

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